Sierra Fiber Arts

August Foot of the Month  25% Off

Patchwork Foot #37/37D

Because it’s designed for straight-stitching, Patchwork foot # 37/37D is ideal for sewing 1/4” or 1/8” (approx. 3 or 6 mm) seam allowances.

In addition, Patchwork foot # 37/37D features three evenly spaced markings (1/4” apart) on its side that make  the square insertion of pieces in patchworking easier. A narrow groove under the flat sole serves as a thread channel for smoother piecing. TIP: a large sewing table or cabinet makes quilt piecing easier and promotes greater precision as it supports your patchwork better.

Enjoy the ease of sewing afforded by Patchwork foot # 37/37D – your partner when it comes to patchwork and precision stitching techniques.